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WearCheck is one of the leading condition monitoring specialists on the African continent, processing in excess of 800 000 samples per annum. Its research and development programme ensures WearCheck stays at the forefront of condition monitoring, allowing it to provide reliability solutions that evolve alongside the changing needs of the numerous industries they serve. 

They are proud members of the prestigious International WearCheck Group (IWG), an association of independent laboratories from around the globe, dedicated to oil and wear particle analysis. WearCheck’s relationship with the IWG allows for the ongoing exchange of advanced technical information, and the ability to offer a worldwide service. 

With 16 world class laboratories across Africa, the Middle East and India, WearCheck serves the mining, earthmoving, industrial, transport, shipping, aviation and electrical industries through the scientific analysis of used oil, fuels, coolants and greases.

WearCheck takes compliance seriously, and is the only condition monitoring company in Africa with ISO 9001 quality management certification and ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management programme, and ISO 17025 accreditation for its laboratory centric quality management programme. 

Plant asset optimisation

Condition monitoring forms the basis of a well-established Condition Based Maintenance program, which is an integral part of plant asset optimisation. Effective measuring and monitoring processes are crucial to the success of any operation as it ensures the health and condition of both machine and plant. In addition, it helps in not only increasing profits, but plant availability too, by reducing unplanned downtime and catastrophic failure of any moving parts.



Scheduled and following any maintenance intervention, vibration analysis serves as a pro-active approach to further increase plant reliability - such as the performance of in-situ balancing, shaft centre alignment or structural resonance tests. Where required, vibration analysis is performed and corrective action reports are generated.  Recommendations are provided for all machines in an effort to reduce vibration levels.  These are based on predefined international standards and are as agreed to by plant engineers.

Tribology & Thermography

The concept of analysing oil samples from a machine or component is similar to that of taking a blood sample from a person - the results determine the health status of the unit. WearCheck's highly-skilled diagnostic team then analyses the results and recommends how to rectify any abnormal findings. Thermography is a non-intrusive technology that allows potential problems - such as electrical, mechanical or flow restrictions - to be 'seen' on a thermal imaging diagram.

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